Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Rockville Councilmember Bridget Newton asked city staff to put Redgate Golf Course on an upcoming agenda at last night's Mayor & Council meeting.

Newton said Billy Casper Golf, the course's manager, had promised to deliver an annual report to the council. BCG has had control of the course for about a year and a half, Newton noted, and she asked why there has been no report. Expect this to come up at some point before the August recess.

All has been quiet on the Redgate front for some time, but it remains one of the biggest "hot button" issues in Rockville. Is the course a worthwhile investment as a unique amenity open to all? Or is it just money down the 18th hole, and should be sold for development purposes? There are citizens on each side of that argument, making for contentious debates at public meetings. Given that BCG's takeover of the course has been considered a last resort measure, there will obviously be great interest in a status report.

Few words portend nasty debate in Rockville more than "Redgate," which ranks right up there with "once-a-week trash," and "Saul Ewing report" in civil discourse.

In other Redgate news, the course has launched a new program where players can buy a membership that gives them access to 7 other area golf courses, in addition to Redgate.

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