Friday, May 11, 2018

Flower Child restaurant to open in Rockville

Flower Child, another healthy dining concept from the creator of True Food Kitchen, is coming to Montgomery County. Fox Restaurant Concepts has leased spaces at Wildwood Shopping Center in Bethesda, and at 10016 Darnestown Road in Rockville. Flower Child's menu consists of trendy vegetable and grain-based bowls, plates and wraps, with the option to add chicken, steak, salmon or tofu.

As expected, there is an emphasis on organic, non-gmo and superfood ingredients. Salads, and a short starters list with hummus, soup and avocado toast round out the menu. Beverage selections include local craft beer, wine and, of course, kombucha.


  1. Unlike some parts of the Pike District, this area has never, ever been called "Rockville". By anyone.

  2. The previous poster is correct. The above address (10016 Darnestown Road ) is not within the Rockville limits. But, I still find this news useful. Thanks for letting us know about this restaurant opening.

    Rockville City Limits map.

  3. Their Zip Code is 20850, so it is certainly called "Rockville" by the US Post Office.

  4. It is not in the City of Rockville.
    Premises Address: 10016 DARNESTOWN RD
    ROCKVILLE 20850-0000
    Legal Description:
    Map: Grid: Parcel: Sub District: Subdivision: Section: Block: Lot: Assessment Year: Plat No: 14524
    FR43 0000 N224 0001 2018 Plat Ref:
    Special Tax Areas: Town: NONE

  5. This seems like a silly semantic debate. “Never, ever been called Rockville. By anyone.” ...except the Post Office, Google, Bethesda Magazine, Trader Joe’s, and Anonymous 10:17.

    (P.S. Any word on when the new TJ’s might actually open? It’s been delayed several times.)

  6. Here we go again, the damned Border Cops are at it again. Every unincorporated area in any county in this country typically id's with the nearest city or incorporated area for a place name. Look it up in any Gazetteer. You MORONS repeatedly play this name game, when you don't know diddly.