Monday, April 12, 2021

New Burger King restaurant design cues seen in Rockville renovation (Photos)

Rendering of new Burger King restaurant
design the chain revealed in 2020

This near-total reconstruction of the Burger King on Shady Grove Road is taking quite a while to complete. While the frame rising from the top of the front of the restaurant matches up with Burger King's new architecture expected to begin popping up across the country this year, the new raised roofline on the rear of the building does not. 

The primary focus of the redesign is to facilitate better access to pickup and drive-thru options. A covered patio is another design option many franchisees are expected to add, yet another pandemic-era concession to the new abnormal. For those energetic folks who want to order via the BK app, but don't want their food brought out to their car in a pickup space, there will be pickup lockers.


  1. Will there be a play area in the new design?

    1. I definitely hope so, It was a perfect playplace in the beginning...but fast food play areas are definitely filthy, Disgusting, and smelly from Children's Vomit and Feet...I'm thinking twice.

  2. When will the restaurant reopen?