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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Bob Wright, a former Rockville City Councilmember, is urging the current Mayor and Council to take proactive steps to acquire the former Karma Academy property on Watts Branch Parkway. The city was one of several bidders on the site, which is currently owned by Montgomery County. Last year, the Mayor and Council instructed city staff to apply for consideration of acquisition of the site from the county.

Wright, speaking during Monday's Mayor and Council meeting, recalled that much of the city's green space was made possible through plans and acquisitions by previous mayors and councils. He noted that the Karma Academy site is "perfectly situated," next to Wooton's Mill Park in the Rockshire area. But, Wright said, “I’m not aware that the mayor and council have a plan for this parcel. I’m not aware that there’s any money in the budget for green spaces or parcels.”

Speaking prior to a public hearing on the city's next budget, Wright urged city leaders to develop a plan and funding for the potential addition to the existing park. "Please don’t forget about this parcel," Wright concluded.

The Karma Academy property's future is of great concern to Rockshire residents, who have testified in favor of Rockville acquiring the site as parkland in the past.