Thursday, February 28, 2013


A sexual assault reported at the Rockville Red Roof Inn, and numerous disorderly conduct calls, stand out in Rockville crime data between February 22-25.

Friday, February 22:

Drug arrest. 7300 block Calhoun Avenue.

Saturday, February 23:

Sexual assault. Red Roof Inn.

Burglary. 15800 block Esquire Court.

Liquor arrest. College Gardens Park RP.

Theft. 14800 block Old Dover Road.

Assault. 700 1st Street.

Disorder. Rockville Metro Station.

Disorder. Americana Center.

Disorder. 12800 block Twinbrook Parkway.

Sunday, February 24:

Theft from vehicle. Southlawn Court.

Theft. 600 block Hungerford Drive.

Disorder. 100 block Gibbs Street.

Disorder. Buffalo Wild Wings.

Drug arrest. 6000 block Halsey Road at 2000 block Rockland Avenue.

Disorder. 2000 block Veirs Mill Road.

Drug arrest. 12100 block Rockville Pike.

Monday, February 25:

Assault. 700 block Crabb Avenue.

Theft. 200 block Taylor Avenue.

Theft. 200 block Van Buren Street.

Theft. XX block West Montgomery Avenue.

Theft. 700 block Rockville Pike.

Theft. 600 block Great Falls Road.

Drug arrest. 12700 block Twinbrook Parkway and 5500 Halpine Place.

Disorder. 12500 block Ardennes Avenue.

Theft. 100 block Congressional Lane.

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