Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Excavation is underway at the former site of the parking lot along E. Middle Lane.  This is an early step in the construction of the Duball project.

The building is a fairly good design, and fits well with the original Foulger-Pratt office building constructed years ago across the street.

But the downside is that the approval of this project officially spelled the doom of Rockville's traditional Hometown Holidays celebration.

First, the carnival rides vanished.  Now the concert "venue" (a.k.a. the parking lot) is gone, too.  That means no more Rick Springfield, REO Speedwagon, etc., performing at the event.  We're told it will be more of a "street fair."

Is a street fair Rockville? Urbanization has not been kind to the "hometown" concept.  Will this mean vendors and bad wedding bands one weekend in May each year? 

City residents are awaiting word on just what Hometown Holidays will consist of this year, and going forward.

In the meantime, here is a photo gallery of all the action going on at the Duball construction site:

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