Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Veirs Mill Corridor master plan meeting October 4

The Montgomery County Planning Department will host its next Veirs Mill Corridor master plan meeting on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 7:00 PM at Newport Mill Middle School, located at 11311 Newport Mill Road. Topics for the session will include pedestrian and bicycle safety, connectivity, access to transit and community facilities, improvements to the streetscape and sidewalks, and bike paths.

There's substantial evidence that the driving force behind the plan is the financial interest of one or more property owners along the corridor, who are seeking upzoning and increased density for their properties. That, combined with the developer-fueled Bus Rapid Transit plan for Veirs Mill, will lead to the demolition of several homes and apartment complexes.


  1. Upzoning and increased density (along with better transit and enhanced traffic calming measures) are exactly what this area needs!

    1. No, this is a suburban area, not anything close to urban.

    2. "this is a suburban area"

      Not for long!!

    3. Farms and open land become suburbs. Suburbs become urban areas. That's how all cities evolve. Change is normal. There is no reason that subdivisions that were built in the middle of the 20th Century need to be frozen in amber. Most of that housing is of crappy construction and quickly becoming obsolete.