Friday, January 8, 2021

Darcars opening new Rockville location

is the mystery tenant moving into the new building by Roy Rogers at 712 Rockville Pike. Once again, the Pike is maintaining its suburban character as a commercial strip with car dealerships and retail stores, despite developer efforts last decade to upzone Rockville Pike into a high-density urban area. A similar urbanization plan for White Flint's part of the Pike, passed by the Montgomery County Council, has been an utter failure so far.


  1. Huh? There's been no effort to upzone the area anywhere near 712 Rockville Pike. It's 1.5 miles away from Twinbrook metro and over 2.5 miles from White Flint metro.

    1. 8:06: It's walking distance from the Rockville Metro station. The future of the "Century Ford" property was extensively discussed during the Rockville Pike Plan process, including high-density mixed-use.