Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Hummer EV now available for pre-order at King GMC Buick in Rockville

The highly-anticipated Hummer EV electric truck is now available for pre-order at King GMC Buick, located at 16200 Frederick Road. It features a 300-350 mile range, depending on which model you choose. Advanced features include Ultravision navigation cameras, a power swing gate, and the ability for the truck to drive diagonally like a crab. The pickup model goes 0-60 in three seconds; the SUV version takes a half-second longer. 


  1. This bit is kinda Seinfeldish, a story about nothing. There's no picture of a Hummer anywhere.

    1. The key word is "pre-order" - the vehicles haven't been shipped to dealers yet, thus there is no Hummer EV on the lot.