Friday, August 6, 2021

Rockville tackling trash, noise issues at Fireside Apartments

The City of Rockville is responding to complaints from the neighborhood around Fireside Park about trash and noise generated by the apartment complex. Rockville owns the affordable apartment development through the independent entity Rockville Housing Enterprises. Recently, there have been complaints about overflowing dumpsters at the complex, litter being tossed and dumped beyond the property lines, and excessive noise. One nearby resident, Max Bliss, forwarded a comprehensive list of the problems - and photographic evidence - to city officials.

About a week later, Community Support Advocate Melissa Wiak from the City Manager's office responded with a list of actions the city intends to take immediately to resolve the issues. The trash and construction debris were carted away. Winn Residential, the property manager, has adjusted the bulk pickup schedule in a way it believes will be more effective in removing such items, Wiak wrote. Winn will also reach out to Fireside residents, to notify them of the rules regarding trash disposal.

One of the sources of the trash has been the construction taking place at the complex. Wiak said the city has advised the construction contractor that all such debris must be removed daily.

Fireside will now have a staff person on duty Saturdays - in tandem with a new Saturday bulk pickup day - to specifically monitor trash. Staff will also check the dumpsters on-site daily.

To deal with noise issues, City of Rockville police units have been notified about noise complaints at the complex. Wiak wrote that officers will increase patrols through and around the complex.

Photos by Max Bliss