Thursday, January 5, 2023

Rockville commission recommends lowering voting age to 16, allowing non-citizens to vote

Rockville's Charter Review Commission compiled a list of election policy changes last month that will be discussed by the Mayor and Council at their January 30, 2023 meeting. The commission's recommendations included lowering the voting age to 16, regardless of citizenship. If approved, Rockville would follow Takoma Park, which lowered its voting age to 16 a decade ago. The idea received unanimous approval from the Rockville commission. Commissioners also suggested that all residents 16 and older be allowed to vote in City elections regardless of citizenship, as long as they have lived in the city for at least 6 months prior to the election.

Many other recommendations were put forward, largely in an effort to increase voter turnout. Commissioners suggested expanding the City Council to six, which along with the Mayoral seat would create a voting body of seven. They recommended term limits of three consecutive four-year terms, the same as Montgomery County voters approved in 2016. And they proposed studying a division of the City into Council districts, rather than electing the Mayor and Council on an at-large basis, as is currently the case.

Other suggestions included create a new and transparent process for filling vacancies that occur after the 24th month of a Council or Mayoral term, exploring Ranked Choice Voting with a "None of the Above" option, and moving City elections to presidential or Maryland gubernatorial election years to capitalize on greater turnout. Commissioners voted unanimously to reject a proposal for staggered Council terms.


  1. They need to raise the voting age.

    1. We conquered that problem after Viet Nam, why the hell do you want to raise it? Oh, wait MAGA platform from an idiot who wants to go backwards.

    2. I think you stated the problem precisely when you mentioned the Vietnam era,the radicalism of the 1960s era is where much of our current problems originate.

  2. Yes. Raise it to 25 and you must be a property owner.

  3. Unreal the idiocy of the world we live in.