Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Rockville Wegmans construction update (Photos)

Phase 1 of the Twinbrook Quarter development at the corner of Rockville Pike and Halpine Road is now more than 8 stories above ground level. The 9th floor of the building is currently being constructed. Wegmans will be the retail anchor on the building's ground floor. 

Concrete framing and pouring is anticipated to be completed by late spring or early summer, developer B.F. Saul says. Work on the building facade is to begin soon. B.F. Saul says that when Phase 1 is complete, there will be more than three times the pervious surface on the property than when it was a shopping center


  1. Nobody "working from home" there.

    1. Cornflake of the day. Funny, not funny.

  2. Do we have an opening date for the Wegmans?

  3. I thought I saw opening date for Wegmans in 2024

  4. Is Safeway at 1800 Rockville Pike still planning on closing when this Wegman's opens?