Sunday, April 16, 2023

Colony Grill coming soon to Cabin John Village Center in Potomac (Photos)

The lineup of restaurants being assembled at the Cabin John Village Center in Potomac is simply amazing. Here comes another one - the first Maryland location of the Colony Grill. It doesn't sound like a pizzeria, but that's exactly what is. Colony Grill has been serving its famous "hot oil bar pie" pizza since 1935 in Stamford, Connecticut. 

There are 12 toppings you can put on this very-thin crust pizza that intentionally carries less cheese and sauce than the typical American pizza - but one with just the pepper-infused hot oil sauce is what the owners recommend. They also have a full-service bar with TVs. You can see they are also going to have a nice, elevated outdoor dining area for summer breezes.

The permanent sign is up outside the pizzeria. Inside, construction is well advanced. How good is the pizza at Colony Grill? Davey Pageviews gave it an 8.4 out of 10, high praise from a very tough pizza critic. Everybody knows the rules!

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