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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


A soft opening of the newest BonChon Chicken franchise in the DC area is underway at Rockville Town Square.

BonChon has posted hours of 11 AM to 10 PM, and has had a limited menu initially.  But don't worry - those world-famous fried chicken wings are most definitely on it!

Early customers, many of whom are BonChon fanatics, report mixed results. Some say it is the best BonChon they've had, while others believe there are still a few spice and frying techniques to iron out.

Of course, that's what a soft opening period is designed for, so give the staff a few days to perfect things. But diehard fans will want to stop by to be one of the first BonChon customers in Rockville.

Remember to call ahead, or be prepared to wait for your order. That BonChon magic takes time. If you're traveling far, you may also want to call ahead to make sure they are open, as it is a soft opening period.

BonChon Rockville. (301) 637-9079.

Friday, December 21, 2012


Some of the best fried chicken in America is served by a restaurant chain of Korean origin.

Now BonChon is bringing that famous chicken to Rockville Town Square!

Definitely looking forward to this grand opening.