Thursday, April 21, 2016

Botanero to take over Dough Roller space in Rockville

It was sad news indeed to hear that Dough Roller closed in the King Farm Village Center in Rockville. There were high hopes that the pizzeria's fanatic Ocean City tourist following would translate to the parts of the state where those vacationers actually live.

The good news is that a new tenant has been found. Botanero, a small plates-centric restaurant and wine bar will be coming soon to 800 Pleasant Drive.


  1. Excited for Botanero! Small plates and drinks will be successful if they create an inviting atmosphere. Dough Roller was destined to fail next to local favorite Fontina Grille(Fontina's food embarrassed comparable offerings from Dough Roller).

  2. I agree - to an extent - with the comment above. Any restaurant with an eye on success needs to create an inviting experience. Based on a peek through the windows of Botanero, the design and décor are a vast improvement on what came before. Dough Roller did not fail because of Fontina Grille. It failed because the design, food and experience DR offered were all ... blasé.

    I took guests from out of town there the first weekend it opened. We went for breakfast - something Fontina did not even offer so DR had no competition in that regard. DR disappointed. It did not provide an inviting experience or even a restaurant experience. It was a paper, plastic and styrofoam kind of place. My guests commented on the drab decor, cheap plastic utensils (which broke in the eggs), and the uninspired food. They were rather astonished and predicted the place would fail during that first meal on that first weekend. No surprise it did.

    Botanero is a far more promising and exciting option. I love the wood and iron decor. I look forward to its opening (it opens to the public tomorrow July 25).

    Neighbor on Pleasant Drive