Monday, July 31, 2017

Lab Cafe soft opens in Rockville, grand opening August 6-8 (Photos + menu)

Lab Cafe, a new bubble tea cafe at Rockville Town Square, was open yesterday. The official grand opening is scheduled for this coming weekend, August 6-8, 2017. Every 50th person will get a free drink during the grand opening, you'll be able to get a free "size up" on all drinks, and there will be free samples of food and beverages.
Menu (click to enlarge)
The menu includes bubble tea, milk tea, fresh fruit teas, coffee and espresso, tea "slushes," popcorn chicken, and ice cream egg waffles. Lab Cafe is located at 101-C Gibbs Street, and will be open from 12 noon until 11:00 PM, according to the posted hours.


  1. i give it a year before they close

    1. You give everything a year. ;)
      What's your correct/incorrect stats?

  2. Lab Café anagram = AB Fecal... yum!

  3. Inside righht now--nice decor, good selection of teas, looks like there are some complementary board games available for use, and quite roomy and comfortable seating. It does however remind me of Kung Fu Tea 2 blocks away. I honestly think they will compete until there is only one....

  4. Ooh, I'll have the "pop porn chicken", please. ;)

    Seriously though, interested to try this place out.

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