Friday, June 5, 2020

Gordon Biersch clearing out at Rockville Town Square (Video+Photos)

The signage has been removed at Gordon Biersch at Rockville Town Square. Perhaps even more dramatic are the remnants seen where the actual brewing equipment once was - after all, it was an actual brewery, a rarity in still-Prohibition-gripped Montgomery County. What I remember most are the garlic fries and unique flavors one could find in a sample flight of beers.

It's the end of an era at Rockville Town Square, but maybe just yet another day in the moribund economy of Montgomery County, where the pandemic recession may only accelerate the deteriorating business climate in the coming months. Count on our elected officials to continue whistling past the graveyard, until the voters finally change course.


  1. Eat at Gordon Biersch only once,but was impressed with quality of food.

  2. I actually liked Gordon Biersch but I rarely eat out. A couple times a year. Wish they could have stayed to provide balance in RTS.

    Side note, the music in the video, was that a Nick Hakim by chance?