Monday, June 29, 2020

Gumbo YaYa has closed at Rockville Town Square

Gumbo YaYa has closed at Rockville Town Square. Rockville residents are growing used to businesses at the property closing, but it seems like the life of a business is shorter than ever here.

Longtime anchor Gordon Biersch lasted for well over a decade before closing recently, but businesses departing in recent years have sometimes lasted a year or less. Gumbo YaYa opened in November 2019.


  1. But it wasn't just the Rockville location of Gordon Biersch that closed. They ALL closed.

    Same with Bar Louie - ALL locations closed.

    So these weren't just "Rockville things", problematic though that may be.

    1. Hey Peter-- with respect, I suggest you check your facts before posting: Gordon Biersch has NOT closed "All" locations. Annapolis-- to name just one-- had their Grand Re-Opening on 19-June and are going strong. They successfully brought back about 90% of their pre-shutdown team, including such key team members as their head chef, sous-chef, brewmaster, and Asst General Manager. 5 other GB locations are open nationwide, with a 6th (Louisville, KY) set to re-open in July. 🍺

    2. Baysailor - Don't get too cocky with your rebuttle. The GB chain has had a major divorce from its brewery group and is attempting to set out on its own. The Annapolis location is the only one in the entire DMV to return. That should give question to just how healthy this chain still is. Only seven restaurants are back across the nation,

    3. Sorry about that. I do know that the parent company (Craftworks) filed for bankruptcy in March. I guess they reorganized and reopened. Other closed locations were navy Yard, Syracuse, Virginia Beach and Baltimore.

  2. The Rockville Town Center followed the same formula as the Rockville Mall and is failing just like it.
    Both were/are inward facing centers with hard to figure out paid parking and which outsiders could not figure out what even was in them, that failed to attract residents from surrounding communities. Both had designs directed by politicians and committees instead of business people who would own them. Both had a hard time renting to businesses. Both replaced profitable buildings via Eminent Domain. The sites are right across the street from each other. The only difference is that the Town Center has Condominiums which will make it expensive to condemn because each owner will have to be bought out.

  3. With the exception of the major brands (Gordon Biersch and Bar Louis) anything that exited the town center during the past four months was the fault of the pandemic. No retail, chain or local, con seem to escape the economic deathknell it brings. Face it.