Thursday, March 25, 2021

Rockville Mayor & Council to discuss branding for Town Center area

Rockville's Mayor and Council will continue a multifaceted effort to address the economic woes of the Rockville Town Center area with a discussion of branding at their next regular meeting Monday, April 5, 2021. One question they will consider is whether to develop new branding for the entire city as a whole, or specifically for the Town Center area. 

A staff report on the matter notes that the city's current branding, "Get into it." is over a decade old, and has "run its course." But focusing on the Town Center, which is where the major problems are, would be cheaper. It would also allow for greater input from stakeholders, as there would be many fewer to engage than in a citywide effort.

Rockville's current branding, which some
argue "has run its course"

Whatever form the rebranding takes, it would be executed during FY-2022. That process would conclude with the Mayor and Council approving or rejecting the proposed rebranding. The cost to develop a rebranding proposal is estimated at $75,000 for Town Center rebranding, or $125,000 for citywide rebranding. Once approved, it would cost an estimated $80,000 per year to implement the rebranding on the City website, publications, letterhead, signage and more.

Images courtesy City of Rockville

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  1. It's so dumb. I've lived here for 35 years and have never noticed what the city's slogan is. Branding won't solve anything. The problem is there's not enough people who live in downtown to support the amount of retail space that's available. Period. Words on a letterhead aren't going to change that. New signage isn't going to change that. BUILD TALLER. BUILD ON THE METRO SURFACE LOTS. STOP WASTING MONEY ON SLOGANS AND HANDOUTS TO SPECIFIC RETAILERS.