Monday, May 10, 2021

Montgomery County Council proposes property tax increase

The Montgomery County Council has proposed a property tax increase for the fiscal year beginning this July, according to an required announcement published in local newspapers. If approved as is, property taxes would rise 4.7% in FY-2022. 

The Council has raised property taxes every year except FY-2015, when the average homeowner received a meager $12 savings, in an election year budget. FY-2017 had the highest tax increase on record; while officially 9%, due to ever-increasing assessments, it was effectively a 10 to 11% tax increase for many Montgomery County homeowners.

A property tax increase amidst the pandemic is raising eyebrows among taxpayers aware of the proposal, and in the business community. The County economy has been moribund for over a decade, according to federal government statistics, with Montgomery at rock bottom in the region by every relevant economic development measure from job creation to business growth.


  1. They are always so sneaky... publicly our elected officials all seem to brag that they don't increase taxes at all, but property taxes are a common recurring issues. When will MOCO start attracting jobs?

    1. They brag that they don't increase tax RATES. Of course tax REVENUE goes up as the county population grows, new buildings go up, modest inflation continues, land value increases, etc.