Thursday, May 13, 2021

Rockville drivers line up as Colonial Pipeline crisis leads to gas panic, shortages at pumps in Montgomery County


Rockville drivers queued up for fuel yesterday, as the Colonial Pipeline crisis led to panic and shortages at Montgomery County gas stations. Last night, a line of cars at one Shell station stretched out onto Rockville Pike in front of the Pike Center. Gas prices have surged to over $3 and $4, depending upon which grade of fuel you are buying. The pipeline is reportedly coming back online, but it is expected to take several days to resupply gas stations across the southeastern and mid-Atlantic United States.

The line for gas at the Shell station by
TGI Friday's stretches out onto Rockville Pike
last night


  1. Annnnd, the show is over. For now at least. The lines continued way into the night yet the doubting Thomas' payed not attention to the media announcement before the sun even set, that Colonial pipeline was back in business. Thanks goodness this wasn't a run on banks, or we'd have to run and find Jimmy Stewart.

  2. I read this morning the disruption may still reverberate for a couple of weeks.

  3. CNN was reporting that there were going to be gas lines and shortages this summer a week before the Colonial Pipeline got shut down.