Friday, June 11, 2021

Montgomery County police union trolls elected officials on social media for defunding police amid crime wave

Montgomery County's Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 35 criticized County elected officials on social media Thursday for "defunding MoCo police" amid a crime wave. The posts on Facebook and Twitter called out County Executive Marc Elrich and the County Council for eliminating 27 police officer positions in the budget. They also cited violent crimes in the county that made area headlines in the last few days.

"3 carjackings in 2 days (2 @ gunpoint, 1 w/ serious injuries) when is @MontCoExec and @MoCoCouncilMD going to get their priorities straight and stop defunding MoCo police?" the posts asked. Officers have reported that morale on the force and officer recruiting efforts are both trending downward.

"Just because of the, so much of the anti-police sentiment, not being treated well," County Officer Petr Speight told CBS' Ted Koppel in a report aired Sunday. "Those kind of things are just discouraging people from wanting to stick around. Things have just changed, the way people view us, and the way they view our role in society and our jobs."

While anti-police sentiment has markedly increased after the death of George Floyd, declining police morale has actually been trending in Montgomery County for more than a decade, based on what officers have told me over that time period. The County Council tried to slash disability benefits for officers in 2009, approving a modified version of that plan in 2011. Councilmembers, and the Washington Post editorial board, falsely characterized officers seeking disability benefits as schemers and scam artists without evidence to back up those claims. Both have publicly criticized County police on a regular basis for a variety of grievances since that opening move.


  1. MCPD has unfortunately earned their poor reputation. The fact they still employ and defend officers convicted of assault (Kevin Moris), the officers who screamed in the face of the 5 year old, the white officer who called a group of black people the n-word, etc. is why public opinion has turned against the department.

    If MCPD wants to turn morale around and be able to actually fill long-vacant positions then they should stop pointing the finger at inconsequential local politicians and do some introspection.

  2. You must like a lot of crime.

    1. Try reading my comment; I'm the one against MCPD retaining convicted criminals on staff. You're the one who appears to take issue with that.

  3. MCPD training needs to be longer. Training to be a barber or hair stylist ( cosmetology school) is longer. A razor or trimmer may cut you; a perm relaxer or curling iron may burn you; but guns KILL.
    MCPD training needs to be longer.