Friday, December 10, 2021

Public art unveiled at the Ansel apartments in Rockville Town Center (Photos)

Well, you can't say they didn't try to do something different with the public art installations at the new Ansel apartments at 33 Monroe Street in Rockville Town Center. Coverings were removed yesterday from the obelisks, which feature lighted, glowing panels that visually cite cameras, social media photo apps, and Hollywood films.

Among the icons displayed are the Death Star from Star Wars, the Polaroid instant camera, and the Instagram logo. A Regal Cinemas movie theater is within sight of the new obelisks, and they're obviously meant to be photographed for social media. With the unveiling of the art pieces, the sidewalk has reopened at the site.


  1. Thank goodness they finally opened up the sidewalks. Anyone listen in to the meeting re: converting the ground floor to residential? Any word on a decision?

    1. This was an informational meeting held by the applicant's attorney. The actual decision will be made by the Planning Commission, after it is presented to them at a future meeting.