Thursday, February 16, 2023

Rockville police warn of increase in thefts from vehicles this week

Rockville City police report an increase in thefts from vehicles in several communities across Rockville over the last few days. Many of these vehicles had been left unlocked, police said. In cases where the doors had been locked, valuables like purses had been left in plain view inside the vehicle. Thieves then smashed windows to grab those items. The police department exhorted residents in a social media post to "lock it or lose it," and to never leave valuables where they are visible, as thieves are very active in Rockville at the moment.


  1. Is the County still going to change the color of the Police uniforms? I think beige would look nice, I believe they were beige at one time.

    1. FYI, these are City of Rockville Police not MoCo, and MoCo has no say regarding uniforms.