Saturday, February 25, 2023

Rockville man charged in Cricket Wireless robbery and assault (Video)

Montgomery County police have arrested and charged a suspect in the recent robbery of the Cricket Wireless store, at 2102 Veirs Mill Road in the Twinbrook Center in Rockville. Craig Donnell Johnson of Rockville, age not given, was taken into custody Wednesday in connection with the February 18, 2023 robbery and the assault of an employee. 

Detectives say that Johnson entered the store at 4:15 in the afternoon that day, approached a store employee, and asked to see a specific phone. As the employee retrieved the phone, Johnson allegedly covered his face and followed her to the back of the store. He then allegedly grabbed her in a headlock, and demanded she open the cash register. 

When Johnson noticed that the employee's daughter was coloring in a coloring book in the rear of the store, detectives say he ordered the child into the employee restroom. He allegedly took the keys to the register from the employee, and ordered her into the bathroom with her daughter. When he was unable to open the register with the keys, Johnson allegedly commanded the victim to come out of the bathroom and open it. When she complied, Johnson assaulted her, and ran out of the store with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Johnson has been charged with robbery and 2nd degree assault. His bail status was not disclosed by police. Detectives have released a portion of the surveillance camera video of the robbery and assault.


  1. Why is the video blacked out so you can't see what is happening?

    1. To protect the identities of the victim and her daughter.

    2. I see,thank you.