Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Townhouse development proposed at Rockville Metro station

A developer has proposed redeveloping a single-family home property directly across from the Rockville Metro station with eight rowhouses. Under the proposed site plan, 205 Park Road would have five rowhouses facing Park Road, and three facing S. Stonestreet Avenue. A corner of the property would be set aside for resident parking, and trash and recycling receptacles. The applicant, ARCON Limited, says it will provide twelve parking spaces for the eight units proposed, with vehicle access from a new driveway along Park Road.

Current RMD-Infill zoning for the property, which is in the Croydon Park subdivision, permits rowhouse development as a conditional use. The existing single-family home on the site was built in 1941. ARCON Limited has filed an application for a Pre-Application Meeting with the City of Rockville. The required meeting will allow public comment on the proposal, and will be scheduled for a future date. 

Proposed site plan for 205 Park Road in Rockville


  1. They need to fix that intersection while they are at it. It is a nightmare.

  2. Good luck to anyone living there. That is one of the choke points where East Rockville residents can cross the train tracks. It is full of delinquents and undesirables. Anyone living there should get good doors and locks, a big dog, an alarm system, cameras and a gun.