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Sunday, October 23, 2022

McRib Farewell Tour finds McDonald's taking a page from Taco Bell's marketing book

McRib Farewell Tour? Signs popping up at local McDonald's restaurants - and nationwide - are warning McRib fans that "this could be your last bite." Only a few years after the fast food chain answered the call of the McRib cult to offer the sandwich at virtually every location again once a year, McDonald's is now threatening to pull the plug on the popular pork sandwich...forever.

McRib fans (like me) are sure to be outraged. It's been hard enough to get a McRib as it is. It wasn't offered in Montgomery County - or even most of Maryland - for about eight years last decade. And just when the BBQ sauce-laden sandwich finally returned in 2019, McDonald's is threatening to yank it away for good.

McDonald's may have taken a marketing page from Taco Bell's book in this latest, if questionable, McRib campaign. Taco Bell has removed several popular items from its menu in recent years, only to tease their return months or years later. Mexican Pizza, anyone? 

Of course, some items like the Beefy Crunch Burrito never returned, despite a well-organized campaign by the Beefy Crunch Movement. Will this be the fate of McRib, as well? 

McRib fans may not be able to control what the corporate boardroom of McDonald's decides, but by ordering as many McRibs as possible while it's available, fans can keep the pressure on the company and franchisees to keep the greatest fast food sandwich ever on the menu. McRib sales, like concert ticket sales, can make sure the McRib Farewell Tour is as final as the Motley Crue farewell tour. 

And if not? Ending the annual McRib Season could backfire bigtime on the Golden Arches, by angering their most loyal customers.

Monday, October 7, 2019

McRib is back at McDonald's (Video review+Photos+McRib Locator)

McRib is back! McDonald's legendary sandwich, one of a handful of fast food items to earn my 6 star rating (out of 5 stars), has returned to Montgomery County and Maryland for the first time in seven years. I hadn't had a McRib since 2012, and am pleased to report they are just as good as they were in the past. Watch my detailed review of McRib 2019, and find the McRib nearest you using the official McRib locator. Many thanks to McDonald's and the local franchise for listening to their loyal customers and bringing back McRib!