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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Stanford Grill in Rockville to rebrand as Glenwood's

Stanford Grill
, the restaurant that opened in 2015 at 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard in Rockville, is getting a new name. Parent company Blueridge Restaurant Group announced today that it will rebrand all of its Stanford Grill locations as "Glenwood's" in the coming months. The company said the rebranding is part of major expansion plans that will include a goal of opening 13 new restaurants in nearby states over the next few years, as well as a major investment in the existing Maryland restaurants it operates. 

"Since the opening of Stanford Grill, our focus has been on offering the local community an upscale yet approachable dining experience that prioritizes attention to the smallest details," Blueridge Managing Member David Jones said in a statement today. "Our approach has been less about us and more about understanding our guests’ desires. Consistently providing delicious cuisine, refined service, and a beautiful setting has been and will continue to be our priority." 

“While the announcement of this new name brings excitement for our Company’s future, we will stay true to the principles that have established us as one of the most popular dining destinations in our area. These principles are what made us who we are, and we will remain committed to them, regardless of our name.”

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Stanford Grill opening September 28 in Rockville (Photos)

An upscale new entry in the Rockville dining scene wants "to give our guests the best." That means your sushi roll on any given day at Stanford Grill may hold bluefin tuna caught off the coast of Japan. Or you might order a Westeross from Scottish waters, which Executive Chef Sean Kinoshita calls "the Kobe beef of salmon." Your sizzling steak will be USDA Prime or 1855 certified Angus beef.

Outdoor patio with
fire pit
All of these menu selections are part of Stanford Grill's effort to provide an upscale dining experience, which will also include a live piano bar, glassed-in in-house bakery and outdoor patio with fire pit. You'll even have your own parking garage entrance at Stanford Grill's home, the Tower Co. office building at 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard.

This second Stanford Grill outpost will fuse the familiar-but-premium American comfort food of the existing Columbia, MD location with the world-class sushi of Kinoshita, who comes to Maryland from the acclaimed Tao Asian Bistro in Las Vegas.
Executive Chef
Sean Kinoshita in
front of the sushi bar
Coming from the over-the-top Vegas tourist scene to the peaceful suburbs of Montgomery County hasn't been as hard of a transition for Kinoshita as you might expect. In Sin City, "we kind of focused on us. We didn't really worry about what other people are doing," Kinoshita recalled in an interview Tuesday at the restaurant. Vegas was about volume, he said, and this large space at Tower Oaks is designed to hold 300 in its main dining room, with another 100 on the patio. There's also a private dining space that can hold 24.

The chef said his ability to adapt to high-volume service, and work under pressure, allowed him to take on what other chefs might find too ambitious of a venture here. But sitting in the dining room as workers put the finishing touches on the decor and assembled furniture, Kinoshita marveled that "this is probably the most beautiful restaurant in Montgomery County."

Of course, the design can only go so far. What will be on the plate will matter most. "I think we'll surprise people with the sushi," Kinoshita predicted. Being born and raised in Hawaii, where Japanese residents and tourists demand the highest quality in sushi, has been the perfect preparation for his ventures on the mainland U.S., where Kinoshita has managed sushi bars for 15 years. The rolls getting the biggest raves among early taste testers so far? Yellowtail with cilantro and jalapeños, and the Coconut Shrimp Roll.

For those who prefer turf to surf, Stanford Grill is offering meats from a wood-burning grill. The booth-heavy seating configuration - and live musicians who have performed with greats like Eric Clapton and Tony Bennett - will combine with the carefully-sourced beef to create a bit of a steakhouse aura familiar to power lunchers and diners in the District. "The menu is American comfort food," Kinoshita noted. "The food is recognizable."

Not every steakhouse has its own bakery, though. Stanford Grill does. Unlike even some of the best dining destinations in the area, diners here will know that their bread and baked goods were made that morning, in the restaurant. While there may be a bread basket in the future, right now the bakery's output will be found in the bread on your sandwich, the bun on your burger, or on the dessert menu.
A sneak peek inside the
glassed-in in-house bakery
Head Baker Christian Haug
has obviously already been
here today...
Key lime pie, flourless chocolate cake, and seasonal cheesecakes are some of the classic items found on the dessert menu. But don't forget the "monster-size" bread pudding Kinoshita said "people drive miles for."

What about the libations? Assistant General Manager Phil Guernsey said they'll do their best to provide a diverse selection, despite the notoriously-difficult Montgomery County liquor regime. The sleek bar will host 5 taps, which will include a rotating selection of D.C. Brau and Laurel's Evolution brews. There will be standbys like Stella Artois, Yuengling and Blue Moon. But also local seasonal bottles like Evolution's Jacques Au Lantern.

The initial wine list will be California-heavy, Guernsey said, but also have some selections from France and Italy, including one rosé and one sparkling wine. A handcrafted list of 14 cocktails will lean toward classic concoctions, while emphasizing freshly-squeezed juices and naturally-infused vodkas in drinks like a fresh honeydew martini.

While the patio is surrounded by suburban green space and a fountain, the site is easily accessible from I-270 by taking the Tower Oaks branch of the Montrose Road exit.

Those who take the off-ramp will find "great service, quality food and a great setting," Kinoshita promised. "We don't promise anything other than a great experience, and consistently great food. And everything is reasonably priced."

Stanford Grill
2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Future Rockville restaurant Stanford Grill gets serious about sushi (Photos)

Stanford Grill will be opening in September at 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard in Rockville. They'll be adding world-class sushi to the American cuisine they've already built a following for at their Columbia location. You might not be surprised to hear that they've named an executive chef for the Rockville restaurant who knows sushi well.

Sean Kinoshita will come to Rockville from his former restaurant, the famed Tao Asian Bistro in Las Vegas. Of his cuisine, Kinoshita says, "A lot of people ask me how I make good food. I just say, I make food I like to eat. I make food that reflects my taste and flavors."

For the Stanford Grill Rockville menu, Kinoshita has created 5 sushi rolls, including:  two spicy tuna rolls, one original-style with sriracha mayo and one battera style. The spicy tuna roll battera style coils around avocado, sashimi, wasabi, scallions, sriracha mayo and unagi sauce. A coconut shrimp roll will feature a spicy masago mayo, crisp cucumber, avocado and pea sprouts. And a yellowtail jalapeno roll will bundle yellowtail, jalapeno, wasabi and cilantro.

But Stanford Grill wants to give you a preview of his handiwork in advance. They are hosting 3 special preview sushi nights with Chef Sean Kinoshita at the following locations and dates (reservations are recommended due to limited seating):

July 13, 4-10 PM
Stanford Grill
8900 Stanford Boulevard
Columbia, MD 21045

July 27, 4-10 PM
Copper Canyon Grill
928 Ellsworth Drive
Silver Spring, 20910

August 10, 4-10 PM
Copper Canyon Grill
9300 Taj Lane
Lanham, MD 20706

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Stanford Grill, from the creators of Copper Canyon Grill, will open a Rockville location in 2015 at 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard. According to a press release, the hickory-grilled steakhouse will also feature live music nightly, a full sushi bar, a fire pit, a display bakery and a sizable outdoor terrace.

A signature cocktail line will round out the cuisine at the 400+ seat restaurant.

The restaurant will be located in the ground floor of a large office building.

Photo courtesy Stanford Grill