Monday, March 10, 2014


Montgomery County is one of the first places in America to get a historic new sandwich from McDonald's: the new McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse. The Bacon Clubhouse can be ordered as a burger, or as a chicken sandwich (grilled or crispy).

What makes the Bacon Clubhouse historic? It is the first time McDonald's has used its famous Big Mac special sauce on a non-Big Mac product. In this case, you're getting the special sauce on a quarter-pound, all-beef patty, with premium leaf lettuce, tomato, grilled caramelized onions, Angus seasoning, and thick-cut smoked Applewood bacon.

One other big deal with this sandwich? The bun.

The Bacon Clubhouse features a special new bun, which McDonald's is calling a "soft and warm Artisan roll." A shiny egg wash effect tops off the premium bun, which is slightly sweet in flavor, and has the toasted exterior and soft interior of a high-quality dinner roll.

What's the verdict?

Watch my review to find out!

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