Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mayor and Council to consider abandonment of easement along Veirs Mill Road

Rockville's Mayor and Council will hold a public hearing on the potential abandonment of a City right-of-way easement located on the property of 2131 Veirs Mill Road. According to 1976 documents, the easement was granted to the Mayor and Council of Rockville at that time "for use as a public road or 'service road' to facilitate the interior flow of traffic along Viers (sic) Mill Road.

It's intriguing that an abandonment could occur prior to final decisions being made about the impact and needed right-of-way for the Bus Rapid Transit boondoggle planned for Veirs Mill. Quite a few homes and businesses will be partially or entirely condemned if that plan goes forward as generally described now. There is currently a bus stop in front of the subject property.

The current property owner is seeking the abandonment of the easement because it would hinder a building addition, and future redevelopment of the property, according to the applicant's attorney. A public hearing on the abandonment will be held at the Mayor and Council meeting on Monday, September 17, 2018 at 7:00 PM at City Hall.


  1. “Quite a few homes and businesses will be partially or entirely condemned if that plan goes forward as generally described now.”

    Not nearly as many as will be condemned under Hogan’s pie-in-the-sky 270 widening boondoggle/election year stunt.

    1. Oh, brother - total absurdity flipping BRT's problems and trying to pin them on Hogan's ingenious Express Lanes plan.

      First, NO homes or businesses are confirmed for demolition under the Hogan plan. In fact, state officials previously said they would use flyover ramps to avoid taking homes in tight spots.

      In contrast, we know that homes and businesses will be demolished - for certain - alone Georgia Avenue, Veirs Mill, 355 and other BRT routes.

      It is $10 million BRT that is the boondoggle, with pie-in-the-sky ridership numbers, and no parking.

      Meanwhile, Hogan's express lanes plan costs residents virtually nothing beyond the toll if they choose to use the optional new lanes, while addressing the mode of transportation that 92% of County residents use.

      The choice is clear.

  2. That property has been successfully absolutely nothing since it was a Crestar bank. Two failed restaurants. Looks like the easement continues to pass in front of the recently renovated McDonald's to the west. It serves no useful purpose to traffic.