Thursday, June 13, 2019

United Gun Shop burglarized, suspects at large after shootout with police

Suspects' vehicle crashed into
United Gun Shop; suspects fled
in a second vehicle
Burglars crashed a car into United Gun Shop in Rockville around 2:30 AM this morning, police say. An alarm triggered a police response to the store at 5465 Randolph Road. Officers engaged the suspects in a shootout, and the alleged burglars used a separate vehicle to ram a police cruiser and escape. That vehicle was later found abandoned, with a dead person left inside.
Police cruiser that was rammed
by fleeing suspects near United Gun Shop
Police began, and continue, a manhunt for the suspects. They say at least one officer was assaulted by the fleeing suspects. Evidence dropped by the suspects as they fled, including firearms, was recovered at the scene. Police advise residents to immediately call 911 if they notice any suspicious activity.
Evidence dropped by suspects as they
fled and engaged in shootout with police
at United Gun Shop
Photos via Montgomery County Police

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