Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Federal Realty's Rockville headquarters up for lease

Federal Realty Investment Trust's Rockville headquarters at 1626 E. Jefferson Street is now on the market for future lease. The real estate firm, which includes Rockville Town Square, Montrose Crossing, Congressional Plaza and Pike & Rose among its nationwide portfolio, will be moving to a new office building at Pike & Rose when it is completed.


  1. Hay retard. Did you hear about the news at Lakeforest Mall today?

    1. Yeah, the Councilman announced it. Good to know the MoCo cartel employs people who still use the r-word in 2019.

    2. Delete this response. It's not funny to make fun of idiots who use the r-word. Get rid of it and be a better human than this stupid Anon.