Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Fighter jets over DC, Montgomery County, N. Virginia after State of the Union rattle residents

Significant fighter jet activity over the Washington, D.C. area around 11:00 PM Tuesday night had many residents seeking answers, answers that are not forthcoming as of this writing. President Trump's State of the Union address had ended earlier, and the commander-in-chief was presumably already back at the White House by the time the jet flyovers began. It was not surprising to hear jets deployed, but they have not been heard to this extent following other recent State of the Union speeches.
The noise was somewhat reminiscent of the weeks following 9/11. It continued for about 15 minutes, paused for a few minutes, and then resumed for about 5 more minutes - at least over Montgomery County. Based on social media chatter, the jets were heard in the District and Northern Virginia, as well. Following the jet flyovers, commercial airliners were heard resuming landings at Reagan National Airport, in greater numbers than one usually hears along the Potomac after 11:00 PM.
A Google News search finds no news articles on the jet noise. In a tweet, Oriana Pawlyk, an air war reporter for, suggested the fighters may have been F-16s from Andrews Air Force Base.