Thursday, May 7, 2020

Rio Lakefront polling residents on reopening

State and local governments around the country are planning how and when to reopen their communities and economies after the coronavirus lockdown. Businesses are also preparing, but the concerns and readiness of potential customers are a primary consideration in their own decisions. Peterson Cos., the owner of Downtown Silver Spring and Rio Lakefront, is reaching out to them directly with online surveys to gauge their feelings about the near future.

They are asking questions such as, how long after orders are lifted will they be ready to venture out to dine or shop. Which specific types of businesses they plan to patronize, and their attitudes about mask-wearing, are among other queries in the polls. Feelings about dining inside vs. outside are a central issue, as is the willingness to wait outside a restaurant due to reducing seating capacity.

You can take the survey for Downtown Silver Spring or Rio Lakefront yourself online. This certainly seems like a smart idea, rather than trying to guess whether your customers are ready, which goods and services they are ready to buy, and what inconveniences or changes they are willing to tolerate.

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