Monday, July 27, 2020

Subway closes at Federal Plaza

No more $5 Footlongs at Federal Plaza. Subway has closed, their signage is gone, and their space has been totally cleared out. Usually we can blame the moribund Montgomery County economy or - more recently - the coronavirus, but the struggling sub chain has been closing an average of three locations a day according to Restaurant Business Online.


  1. This Subway constantly closed early, would make you very uncomfortable when you were dining in close to closing time, and skimped on veggies and was very slow. Not gonna miss this location. Go to the Subway in loehman's plaza instead.

    1. The Subway in Loehmann's Plaza is a very small restaurant and although it's only a little over a mile away from the E Jefferson St location, it's a pita to travel to during lunch hour. Ordering online usually helps.

  2. I saw the signage gone a few weeks ago and am disappointed it's now official that it closed. I work within walking distance of this Subway and have had lunch there at least once/week for the past few years. I would often order my meal online and had very few issues. The employees were always friendly, and as a regular (along with other store employees in the area), they got to know me and what I like to order. It was always busy, so I'm quite surprised it has closed. Now I have to find another option for lunch, and I'm not too keen on Panera. It's crazy-busy there!