Friday, August 21, 2020

New BMW of Rockville dealership building opens (Photos)

German car brands continue to set the design standards for auto dealerships in Montgomery County. The latest dealership facility to complete construction is BMW of Rockville's at 1450 Rockville Pike. Customers will be greeted by one of the Ultimate Driving Machines out front, and many more inside the multi-level showroom and service building.


  1. I dont like the colored car

  2. Anyone know why BMW built a new showroom a few blocks north only to build yet another one described in this post?!?!

  3. I actually called them today out of curiosity and they said it was because they outgrew the huge showroom a few blocks away that was built roughly 10 years ago, even though it looks like the new one just built 2 years ago is the same size it actually has a lot more parking facilities behind the scenes.