Monday, August 24, 2020

Gyuzo Japanese BBQ sign installed, lit at Rockville Town Square

The sign is up at Gyuzo Japanese BBQ at Rockville Town Square, and last night it was lit. Construction inside appears to be nearly complete, but the restaurant says it won't be opening until October. Gyuzo touts itself as the first Japanese BBQ restaurant in Maryland, where diners will cook their meals on a personal-size grill at their tables, making this a dine-in oriented establishment.


  1. If this is the first Japanese BBQ restaurant in MD, what was Bob's ShaBu ShaBu, now Xi'An Gourmet on N. Washington Street??

  2. Glad to see FRIT finally got around to replacing the dead tree in front of the restaurant.

  3. Shabu shabu is like hotpot and xi'an gourmet doesn't have individual bbq grilling things from what I recall...

    Japanese BBQ is probably closest to korean bbq, but usually has like a crosshatched grill