Friday, November 26, 2021

Beer and wine store to open in Derwood

A new tenant has signed on at the small strip mall just south of the 7-Eleven at MD 355 and Redland Road in Derwood. The store will sell beer and wine, as well as Maryland Lottery tickets. It fills the end space at 15809 Frederick Road, across from the Rockville neighborhood of King Farm.


  1. How many Beer and Wine licenses does one community need? Within a half mile of this new establishment there are two existing B&W stores, and this is not counting the two existing within the King Farm community itself. One of these is the MoCo run liquor outlet. I can also see a pending problem with Wendy's having to enforce parking restrictions, given the proximity to this store to Wendy's parking.

    1. If you want fewer liquor stores cluttering up the place, the easiest way would be to allow regular grocery stores to sell beer and wine...