Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Trump endorses Dan Cox in Maryland governor race

Republican candidate Delegate Dan Cox has received President Donald Trump's "Complete and Total Endorsement" in the 2022 race for governor of Maryland. Trump declared Cox "MAGA all the way," after speaking with him by phone while Cox was visiting the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis on Monday. He called Cox a "tough lawyer and smart businessman."

The Trump endorsement was another opportunity for the 45th president to roast current Gov. Larry Hogan (R) almost as much as touting Cox's MAGA bona fides. Trump's statement blasted Hogan as a "RINO," or Republican-in-name-only, who "has been terrible for our Country." Hogan has been highly critical of Trump, and briefly entertained the idea of running against him in 2020.

Trump praised Cox as an advocate for low taxes, election security, veterans, school choice, and 2nd Amendment rights, and for opposing further pandemic lockdowns of schools and businesses. Last year, Cox sued Hogan over coronavirus restrictions in a case that was ultimately dismissed, but which raised Cox's statewide name recognition.

Cox expressed his "sincere gratitude" to Trump for the endorsement in a livestream on Facebook Monday evening. He is competing against Maryland Labor Secretary Kelly Schulz, Montgomery County attorney Robin Ficker, Nottingham resident Minh Thanh Luong, and Baltimore County attorney Joe Werner in the Republican primary.


  1. This guy has a snowballs chance in Hell of winning in MoCo, don't waste your pennies dude.