Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Vie de France closes at Rockville Town Square

Vie de France
has closed at Rockville Town Square. The French bakery cafe had operated there for a decade. Two other Vie de France locations remain nearby, at White Flint Plaza (which is technically Rockville, according to the United States Postal Service) and at the Potomac Village Center. 

Perhaps they should have moved to downtown Bethesda, where there is an explosion of new French cafes opening. While this is the latest exit at Rockville Town Square, there are several new restaurants coming soon to the Federal Realty property, including HalfSmoke, Eko House, El Merkat Bar de Tapas, and Kumbia. Thai Chef just opened recently there, as well.


  1. My map check shows the address for the Vie de France at White Flint Plaza and everything else in that area with a 20895 zip code and Kensington designation. Hmmm!

  2. I liked Vie de France.kind of expensive though.

  3. Do you have any information about Halfsmoke? The sign on the door says "coming soon" but it's been there since November 2020!

  4. Delicious pastries gone fotever gone...
    The fiefdom MUD (mixed use development) that is downtown Rockville really missed the mark...
    Nobody that doesn't live there is going to be drawn there...
    Nobody is wanting to pay to park to spend more money eating...
    The town should help it's tenants by offering them the wherewithal to stamp a 2 hour ticket with free parking for a patron that already spent over $150.00 just to eat a good meal there... very difficult place for a really great restaurant or lounge to settle in.
    Those places are somewhere else.
    Rockville needs an awakening... or it can continue to be the processed generic mall that it was developed to be...