Friday, June 3, 2022

Rockville Mayor & Council to consider new city branding contract - and the price has gone up

Rockville's 2012-2022 branding

Rockville's Mayor and Council will consider approving a contract with an out-of-state marketing firm to update the city's promotional branding at its meeting this coming Monday, June 6, 2022, at 7:00 PM. Last year, a city staff analysis determined that the city's decade-old stylized "R" logo and "Get into it" motto had "run its course." After a formal procurement process, Dallas-based media and marketing firm Medium Giant has emerged as the finalist. A contract for $147,925 will be presented to the Mayor and Council Monday night for their approval.

A staff report states that Medium Giant's proposal was found to provide the most value, and that the firm "shares the City’s diversity, equity, and inclusion values." It has demonstrated prior experience in developing branding for municipalities. Medium Giant understands that the public will be fully-engaged in the development of the rebranding, and it will "memorialize" the rebranding process on video. The company has been selected over Rockville-based Clark Concepts and Gaithersburg's GKA and TMAC Communications, among other firms from across the country.

Inflation has not left the rebranding process unscathed. Last year's staff report estimated that a citywide rebranding effort would cost city taxpayers $125,000, and $80,000 per year to implement. Monday's staff report acknowledges that Medium Giant's proposal price was not the lowest submitted to the city. But after an evaluation committee that included city staff, residents and two representatives of Rockville Economic Development, Inc. reviewed the proposal, it determined the $147,925 pricetag "to be reasonable based on the firm’s progressive approach and cutting-edge model of branding." 


  1. I can't see the Diversity, Equity and inclusion mantra having a lot of value. I think going back to a system based on meritocracy is the best.

    1. You can't have a true meritocracy unless you first remove systematic barriers to equal opportunity for all.

    2. What systematic barriers?

    3. It looks like what you mean by systematic barriers are Police, prison and the rule of law.Thats why crime is on the rise and even the democratic party is asking to fund the police.

  2. Waste of money????

  3. Please don't include me in all this nonsense.