Friday, December 23, 2022

Assault at Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville

Montgomery County police were called to Richard Montgomery High School Wednesday afternoon, December 21, 2022, to investigate a 2nd-degree assault reported on the campus. The assault was reported at 2:35 PM on Wednesday.


  1. Well if you can’t get enforcement for all these loud mufflers and pedestrians just stepping out into traffic who are drunk or on their phones ,causing serious noise and traffic violations at least they responded to this . Applause are in order 👍

  2. No--the useless State's Attorney is busy bringing political cases to trial and getting his third rate ASA's their A### handed to them by real lawyers--like Robert Bonsib. Finally the auto theft task force is coming back but a little late for that--closing barn door after horse left.

  3. John Mccarthy needs to be fired/recalled. How his office lost the case of fbi agent Ed valdivia shooting 2x Steven slaughter because he asked for money is passing me off. We have the shooting on tape! Slaughter had multiple organs removed( spleen, colon, pancreas). I hope Slaughter has an attorney and sues.