Monday, December 26, 2022

Rockville office building could be replaced by townhomes

A vacant office building at 2115 E. Jefferson Street in Rockville could be demolished and replaced by a townhome development, if the Montgomery County Planning Board approves. Missing Middle Jefferson, LLC, is seeking to build 93 townhouses on the site, stating it has had no luck finding new tenants for the building due to the poor office market and high office vacancy rates of the county. The townhome community will not provide any additional affordable housing beyond the 15% required by Montgomery County. It will provide much more than the required open space, however, with 19.65% green space rather than the 5% minimum. The Planning Board will review the proposal at its January 5, 2023 meeting; planning staff are recommending approval of the project.
Proposed site plan for the new
townhome community


  1. Could the existing office building be turned into residential housing? I see that Mazza Gallerie has closed and it will be turned into apartments.

  2. How about some more streets to light up traffic

    1. NOT! That ain't happening, even in your wildest of nightmares.

  3. This cluster of E. Jefferson/Executive Blvd buildings is super awkward. There's little demand for dated office buildings surrounded by seas of parking lots so you have one owner - 6000 Executive Blvd - planning to build new high rises on existing parking lots and you have this owner planning on demoing and replacing with THs. Both options feel weirdly shoehorned and not at all cohesive.

    In an ideal world the entire stretch would be owned and redeveloped by a single entity into an extension of Pike & Rose with an actual street grid, logical combination of office/residential/retail, etc., but we're talking about dozens of properties so that's not particularly realistic.

  4. Why not ease traffic with more streets? Maryland is so bad about improving and adding streets unlike VA.

  5. How much infrastructure will be required to accommodate 93 households when increasing the use of water, sewage, electricity, traffic footprint, and environmental impact? Rockville is slowly being Bethesdized by developers who don't live in here.

  6. THs are nothing compared to the existing commercial high rise as far as "water, sewage, electricity, traffic footprint, and environmental impact." Like, seriously, you think planting a couple hundred trees and turning 20% of the lot into green space is going to have a NEGATIVE environmental impact?