Saturday, July 6, 2024

Upgraded Tesla Model 3 at Montgomery Mall in Bethesda (Photos)

Westfield Montgomery Mall is located in one of areas of the country with the greatest adoption of electric vehicles. It also has a Tesla store. Therefore, it's not surprising that the company has been showcasing the new upgraded Model 3 at the mall. The Model 3 now comes in the new color choices of Ultra Red and Stealth Grey. Changes to the interior include wrap-around ambient lighting, ventilated front seats, acoustic glass, "studio quality sound from every seat," and a rear touchscreen display.


  1. Teslas a total waste of your money. Instant depreciation as soon as you drive away. Sucker mobiles.

    1. Unfortunately true. Musk completely destroys any brand he touches. Tesla sales are plummeting even as they slash prices over and over again. Can you believe being a MAGA antisemite is bad for business?

    2. Is Elon Musk still the richest person in the world? Has to be some reason for that.🙃

    3. Being rich is exactly how he's able to buy things like Twitter and run them into the ground. The guy is a joke who only "made it" because the federal government bailed out his otherwise failed business. Now he pretends he's self-made and that government subsidies are bad.

    4. It seems that because Musk believes in free speech a lot of powerful media and politicians are against him,that's what is destroying people's faith and trust in the news,just look at the Washington post and the turmoil it's in and money it's hemorrhaging,people need a media that reports important facts,not a media that's a fifth column. Don't believe everything you read about Musk.