Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Construction advancing on the newest neighborhood in Rockville (Photos)

Construction of the newest residential neighborhood in Rockville is surging ahead. Developer EYA's Farmstead District is taking shape at 2590 Farmstead Drive, off of MD 355, between King Farm and Shady Grove Road. Not only is the neighborhood new, but the land it's being constructed on was only recently officially annexed into the City of Rockville. EYA and a second homebuilder, Pulte, both have sales centers for prospective buyers.

You'll notice the barn-inspired architecture of some of the homes. That's no accident. Many of the design elements are not just influenced by American farm iconography, but by the namesake King Farm farmstead that sits directly adjacent to the Farmstead District. The new development's resident clubhouse will resemble a farmhouse, and a park will be surrounded by white fencing you might have seen on drives along country roads. Something you probably haven't seen along country roads is a subway station: the Shady Grove Metro station within walking distance of the Farmstead District.

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  1. Just for accuracy, half of the 20-acre site was already in Rockville. The other half was annexed as the first step to the project.