Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Police seek suspects in Park Potomac assault

Montgomery County police are seeking the public's help in identifying and located multiple suspects in the June 22, 2024 aggravated assault at the Park Potomac development. Police say that as many as four suspects ganged up on the two adult victims around 4:10 PM that afternoon, in the 12500 block of Park Potomac Avenue. The suspects displayed unspecified weapons, and assaulted both victims.

Police describe the suspects as three or four Black females in their late teens. If you have any information about the suspects or this incident, you are asked to call police at (301) 279-8000. 


  1. Abolishing the Police is a Marxist/ Communist goal,according to Marxist theory, the Police keep the capitalist system in place. The defund the Police movement is a Marxist/ Communist movement. You're starting to see what happens when there is very little Police motivation to protect property and people. It's only going to get much worse.

    1. Sir this is a Wendy’s

      What even are you talking about? Which police department’s budget was “defunded” in Montgomery County?

  2. The statement makes several assumptions that can be critically examined:

    Assumption 1: "The Montgomery County police are being defunded."
    Reality Check: This assumption requires evidence to support the claim. Without specific data or policy changes in Montgomery County that indicate a reduction in funding for the police, this assertion remains speculative. Research into the county's budget and recent legislative actions would be necessary to verify this claim.
    Assumption 2: "There is a defund the police movement in Montgomery County."
    Reality Check: The existence and influence of a "defund the police" movement in Montgomery County should be substantiated with evidence of organized efforts, public support, or policy proposals aiming to reduce police funding. Assuming such a movement exists without proof overlooks the possibility that local attitudes and policies might differ significantly from national trends.
    Assumption 3: "It is possible to police every single street corner."
    Reality Check: This assumption ignores practical limitations. Policing every street corner is neither feasible nor efficient. Police resources are finite, and strategies often involve prioritizing areas based on crime rates, risk assessments, and other factors. Effective policing relies on a combination of visible presence, community engagement, and targeted interventions rather than ubiquitous coverage.
    Assumption 4: "Increased resources deter criminal intent."
    Reality Check: While increased resources can enhance police capabilities, they do not automatically deter criminal intent. Factors such as socioeconomic conditions, community trust in law enforcement, and the underlying causes of crime (e.g., poverty, lack of education, substance abuse) play crucial roles. Effective crime prevention often involves a holistic approach, including social services, education, and community programs, alongside policing.
    Additional Assumptions and Misunderstandings:
    Marxist/Communist Goal:
    The statement asserts that abolishing the police is a Marxist or Communist goal, equating the "defund the police" movement with Marxism. This oversimplifies and misrepresents both Marxist theory and the motivations behind the defund movement. While some activists may draw on various ideological perspectives, the movement broadly focuses on reallocating funds to community services and addressing systemic issues within policing, rather than adhering to a single ideological framework.
    Police Motivation:
    The claim that reduced police motivation is leading to increased crime assumes a direct causal relationship without considering other factors, such as economic conditions, social unrest, or changes in crime reporting. It also presumes that police motivation is solely driven by funding, ignoring aspects like morale, community relationships, and leadership within police departments.
    In summary, the statement makes several unsubstantiated assumptions that need to be critically examined and supported with evidence. It oversimplifies complex issues and overlooks the multifaceted nature of crime prevention and community safety.

    1. Police and Law enforcement have had their morale crippled nationally, not just in Montgomery County but across the country, this is largely due to the locking up off Police officers and the defund movement and started with the Obama DOJ and Eric Holder having "oversight" of Police departments and police reform, you are thinking too small, this is a national problem with hamstringing Police.

    2. To follow all the Anonymous, I lived in Montgomery County for over 60 years since 1963. I agree that the police in Montgomery county is "tied up" and afraid to be accused of wrong doing, loose their jobs/pensions and end up in jail.
      I also blame the politics of the state and the country democrats with their police reform. These so called reforms have produced the increase of all crimes against citizens, assaults, robberies, rapes, kidnappings, home invasions, vandalizing of cars and/or houses, etc.
      The assault to students or teachers in schools is also something "new". MoCo is not what it used to be.
      Glad that I left.