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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Pickpocket strikes at Rockville movie theater

Don't let Barbenheimer fever distract you from watching your wallet at the movies. Montgomery County police were called to the Regal Cinemas Rockville at 199 E. Montgomery Avenue, after a complaintant reported having their pocket picked at the cineplex. The theft was reported at the theater at 10:30 PM on Saturday, July 29, 2023.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Assault at Regal Cinemas in Rockville

Rockville City police were summoned to Regal Cinemas Rockville at 199 E. Montgomery Avenue on Friday night after an assault was reported at the cineplex. Police responded to the theater at 8:06 PM Friday, July 21, 2023. This was the second assault reported in the Town Center area on Friday.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Rockville Regal Cinemas to close

Rockville Regal Cinemas
will close as part of the bankruptcy restructuring of Regal parent company Cineworld, Variety reports. A closing date has not been announced, but the company said in a bankruptcy filing that it will begin to reject leases for the closing theaters on February 15, 2023. This will be another economic cannonball to the gut for the struggling Rockville Town Center area, where the Rockville Town Square development has many vacant storefronts. 

Parking continues to be an issue, but the theater closure will eliminate a significant amount of foot traffic on evenings and weekends. A study last decade showed that a cineplex can draw 20,000 additional people to an urban center per weekend than an area without a multi-screen theater might attract.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Moon over Regal Cinemas Rockville as parent Cineworld files for bankruptcy (Photos)

The moon was out over the Regal Cinemas Rockville 13 cineplex last night, as Regal parent company Cineworld announced it is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S. This isn't the end for Regal and its British parent, as Cineworld stated that it intends to emerge from bankruptcy next year. But the company did announce that it will be seeking to renegotiate its existing leases for individual theater locations, which could mean some theater closures if landlords balk. Cineworld's CEO blamed pandemic theater lockdowns and reduced ticket sales for the financial problems of the cinema group, which is the second-largest in the world behind AMC Theatres.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Regal Cinemas Rockville reopens (Video+Photos)

The projectors and popcorn makers are running again at Regal Cinemas Rockville Center at 199 E. Montgomery Avenue in Rockville. A fresh set of movie posters is on display promoting the latest, and future, films. 

The cineplex has been closed for the last year due to the pandemic, but is reopening with a set of protocols it calls CinemaSafe. Regal is also promoting Regal Unlimited, a program that allows to see unlimited movies for a monthly fee, at a sizable display in the lobby. Members also save 10% on concessions.

Friday, May 7, 2021

E. Montgomery Avenue reopens along Regal Row in Rockville Town Center

E. Montgomery Avenue has reopened to traffic all the way along "Regal Row" in Rockville Town Center. A section of the roadway in front of World of Beer was temporarily closed during the pandemic. Regal Cinemas is scheduled to reopen there later this month.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Signs of activity at iPic, Regal theaters even as MoCo ban on food, drink sales remains in place

There's no indication Montgomery County's ban on concessions sales at movie theaters will be lifted anytime soon, but a couple of theater chains are showing signs of preparing for reopening. Regal Cinemas already announced a tentative reopening date for its Montgomery County cineplexes next month, in an apparent gamble that the ban on the sale of food and drink will be lifted by then. Workers began sprucing up the exterior of the Regal Cinemas Majestic & IMAX theater in downtown Silver Spring on Monday. And iPic at Pike & Rose is now hiring servers for its in-movie food and drink service, a clear indication that the luxury theater chain believes the ban will be revoked in the coming weeks.

Tarps on the sidewalk outside the Regal Cinemas
Majestic & IMAX theater in Silver Spring, where
workers are touching up the exterior

However, a list of potential steps in loosening restrictions at County businesses released by the County Council does not specifically mention movie theaters or performance venues - nor the ban on food and drink - among the relaxed rules. Only at Phase 3, which will be reached when 50% of the county population is fully vaccinated, could theaters sell food and drink because the County will belatedly adopt the current state guidelines at that point. Under the current ban, which eliminates the most profitable revenue source for theaters, only AMC has reopened its theaters in the county.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Regal Cinemas sets reopening date for Regal Rockville Center movie theater

Montgomery County movie theaters have remained almost entirely dark since the County lifted the ban on movies, primarily due to the County banning the sale of food and drink at cineplexes to ensure patrons do not remove their masks indoors. AMC has been the only chain willing to reopen its two Montgomery County locations so far, somehow affording to do so while forgoing the concessions sales where theaters make most of their profits. Now, Regal Cinemas is either going to accept that scary revenue picture, or the chain is gambling that the ban might be lifted a month from now.

Regal Cinemas Germantown
is now scheduled to reopen on May 14, 2021, the company has announced. A week later on May 21, Regal Cinemas Rockville Center in Rockville Town Center and Silver Spring Majestic & IMAX in downtown Silver Spring will reopen.

The announcement notes, however, that these dates could change depending on "unique circumstances" at each location. We will find out soon enough if a ban on food and drink concessions is a "unique circumstance," or if the chain has simply agreed to accept a low-or-no profit operating mode.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Montgomery County ban on movie concessions keeping theaters dark

Montgomery County lifted its order shuttering movie theaters several weeks ago, allowing audiences at limited capacities, but almost all cineplexes remain dark across the county. What's going on? The major sticking point is that the County Council forbid the sales of food and drink at all movie theaters, requiring patrons to remain masked throughout the screening with no refreshments. Theaters make the majority of their profits from these lobby concessions sales, not from the movie tickets themselves.

The announcement that ArcLight Cinemas is closing permanently at Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda brought fresh attention to the state of cinema countywide yesterday. Marquees and screens are still dark, with the notable exception of AMC's theaters at Rio Lakefront and Wheaton Plaza. Major chain theaters like Regal Cinemas, iPic and Landmark are not joining them. 

A spokesperson for Cinépolis USA, which opened a theater in the Kentlands area of Gaithersburg only a month before the pandemic hit America, confirmed Tuesday that the County order remains the barrier to reopening. When the ban on food and drink sales is lifted, the Kentlands theater will reopen immediately, the spokesperson said.

It's a dark time, indeed, for movies in Montgomery County. Bethesda is in the worst situation of all. Thanks to the County Council's decision nearly a decade ago to approve demolition of the Regal Cinemas Bethesda 10 without requiring a replacement cineplex, the closures of Regal, ArcLight and AMC Mazza Gallerie give Bethesda the rare distinction of being a large American town without a mainstream cineplex (Landmark Bethesda Row - which also remains closed - does not screen mainstream blockbusters). Some say the age of a night at the movies is over, but Godzilla vs. Kong box office numbers showed interest in movie theaters remains strong nationally, and worldwide.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Regal Cinemas Rockville marquee has new coronavirus messaging

Regal Cinemas Rockville Center has posted some new coronavirus pandemic messaging on its marquee at 199 E. Montgomery Avenue. Not surprisingly for a cineplex, the updated messages draw on classic movies like Casablanca and Sudden Impact. Most of all, the theater misses "our Rockville neighbors."

Monday, March 11, 2019

Regal Row surface parking lot closes in Rockville for the last time

It's the end of an era in Rockville Town Center. The last remaining half of the surface parking lot across from the Regal Cinemas and Cambria Hotel that once also hosted large Hometown Holidays concerts has permanently closed. Drivers are being directed into the adjacent hotel garage to park.

The closure comes as a new mixed-use project by developer Duball, LLC approved for the site begins to gain momentum. Once a popular and convenient parking destination for moviegoers and diners, the two-step closure of the lot has thrown gas on the dumpster fire that is parking in Rockville Town Center. It has also rendered Hometown Holidays a shadow of its former self.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Regal Rockville theater to begin searching moviegoers' bags

Regal Cinemas has responded to the latest movie theater shootings with a new bag check policy at its theaters nationwide. The cineplex giant operates the Regal Rockville in Rockville Town Center. Its new policy reads as follows:

Security issues have become a daily part of our lives in America. Regal Entertainment Group wants our customers and staff to feel comfortable and safe when visiting or working in our theatres. To ensure the safety of our guests and employees, backpacks and bags of any kind are subject to inspection prior to admission. We acknowledge that this procedure can cause some inconvenience and that it is not without flaws, but hope these are minor in comparison to increased safety.

The security check policy applies to bags, backpacks and packages, including purses.

Regal's corporate Facebook page is blowing up with customer backlash against the new policy, with many patrons feeling their 2nd and 4th Amendment rights are being violated. A few posters thanked the chain for ensuring their theaters would be gun-free zones.

Regal patrons weighed in on
both sides of the issue on
the chain's Facebook page
However, Regal's policy does not explicitly state which legal or illegal items would not be allowed to be brought into the theater. Nor does it specifically refer to firearms, even though it would seem obvious that weapons and explosives would be the primary intent of the policy.

Such a policy would not have prevented the infamous Aurora, Colorado theater mass shooting in 2012. In that incident, the shooter left the theater through the emergency exit. He then retrieved weapons, explosives and other materials from his car, and re-entered through that exit, which he had propped open enough to prevent it from locking.

That case made clear the security issues caused by a lack of ushers regularly patrolling theaters, as they once did not that many years ago. Had an usher simply ensured that door was closed on a routine walkthrough, and thereby locked to outside intruders, the shooter would have been foiled.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Extreme fans of the Hunger Games series will want to attend a movie marathon this Thursday, starting at 2:30 PM, at the Regal Rockville theater. Attendees who are members of the Regal Crown Club will receive a limited-edition commemorative keychain. The marathon will conclude with the newest film, Mockingjay - Part 1.

Tickets can be pre-ordered online now.