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Thursday, March 6, 2014


Friday is the big day for Hunger Games fans, as the second film installment hits stores across the country. Catching Fire doesn't have quite the elaborate special edition packages the first movie did, but offers more than the average Hollywood blockbuster release in these days of dwindling bonus gifts. For collectors, it's all about the bonus pack-ins, and exclusive content and artwork.

So, which store has the best Catching Fire Blu-ray/DVD package?

In my opinion, it's Target.

The Target Catching Fire set includes 45 minutes of exclusive bonus content:

Target Exclusive (45 minutes of content): 

• “ONE VISION” (A FAITHFUL ADAPTATION)--translating Suzanne Collins' source material to the big screen 
• “THE ALLIANCE” (RETURNING CAST)—an inside look at the close-knit relationships of the returning actors 
• “FRIEND OR FOE” (NEW CAST)--finding the perfect embodiments of the new characters 

And a booklet.

But, wait, there's more!

Pre-order your copy from Target, and you also get this Target-exclusive fabric poster:

Not to mention that the Target edition appears to have the best cover design. And you get all of this for $22.99, more than you pay for many recent Blu-ray releases that had no collectible bonus items.


Walmart is second best, if you live near one that is opening at midnight tonight - the first 50 Catching Fire purchases will come with a Walmart-exclusive poster. Find a Walmart midnight opening event near you.  The poster isn't new; it is said to be the IMAX theater poster from last November's opening.

But that's it for bonus items, and Walmart has no exclusive bonus-disc content. The only other Walmart exclusive is a 2-movie set for the completist. Walmart has an online price of $19.96 for the Blu-ray/DVD.

Best Buy

Best Buy's primary exclusive, is offering Catching Fire in the steelbook format. This is best for those who collect steelbooks in general, or, again, for the completist. If you're not near a midnight opening Walmart, bump up Best Buy to #2 on the list. The other 2 Best Buy bonuses that can bump it up to #2 are A) you can pick up the first Hunger Games Blu-ray steelbook version for only $5 when you buy Catching Fire, and B) you also get $8 in Fandango Cash, payable towards Divergent when it hits theaters on March 21. Best Buy's price is the same as Target.

Zip, zilch, nada. Just the movie, that's it.

Monday, February 25, 2013


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be released on Blu-ray and DVD this Saturday, March 2.  Which store has the best Twilight package? And which stores are opening at midnight?

No bonus material or collectibles.

Best Buy

Exclusive Blu-ray combo with collectible locket key chain (see photos below).  Includes "hours of bonus features."

Exclusive $44.99 Twilight Saga collection, featuring all 5 films, including the new Breaking Dawn Part I Extended Edition.

No midnight openings listed.


Target seems to offer the best packages, and midnight opening parties at the following stores in the region: Alexandria, Woodbridge, Bel Air, Ellicott City, Columbia and Annapolis. (If you're reading this and live in another state, click on the link in the first paragraph above to find the store closest to you).

Take note: early birds can pick up a voucher starting at 8:00 AM, Friday, March 1. Then bring your voucher back to the store at midnight to get your Twilight package.

What Target has is a $22.99 DVD/$26.99 Blu-ray Limited Edition version of Breaking Dawn Part 2, with 50 minutes of exclusive video content, including "black carpet" footage, and "hours of additional bonus content."

But wait, there's more.

A $14.99 Target-exclusive Limited Edition of Breaking Dawn Part 1, in a 2-DVD gift set that includes an actual prop flower from the film's wedding scene (see photo below) The prop includes a Certificate of Authenticity to verify it was actually in the movie.


Walmart has an exclusive Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2 two-movie package, that includes the extended version of Part 1.

Walmart's other exclusive is a free set of 5 mini-posters (see photos below) that you receive with purchase of Breaking Dawn Part 2. But hurry - while supplies last.

Walmart stores opening at midnight in our region are Nottingham and Hampstead, both of which are in Maryland.

Bottom line

If you're an obsessed fan, you'll have to hit Best Buy for the locket key chain and 5-movie collection, Target for the Part 1 movie prop and 50 minutes of bonus video, and Walmart for the mini posters.