Thursday, August 28, 2014


The latest casualties at Rockville Town Square are Carbón Peruvian Chicken & Grill, and the Hair Cuttery. Both have closed, with hairdressers at the Hair Cuttery leaving a calling card for clients to follow them to their new King Farm outpost.

Carbón's website is gone, and a call to the restaurant's phone number resulted in a message reporting it had been disconnected. I've heard a rumor it might reopen elsewhere, but have no solid information on that yet.

These closures follow those recently of Cosi, Pho & Rolls, and Oro Pomodoro at the town center.

Empty menu holder


  1. There have been many business closures in Town Center since it opened. It would be interesting to see the complete list of closures and know whether or not this level of failed businesses is above the national average for venues such as this.

  2. I agree completely. I patronize the Town Center quite often and it's really sad to see the number of businesses that have not made it over the years. It seems like the only businesses that are able to stay in business are the chains which is a shame. Is it just that the rent is too high? Word is that Capital One will close in October. I've heard the jeweler will be leaving soon as well. Really sad.

  3. I've heard the raising of rents has forced a number of businesses in the Square out. I live in King Farm, same freakin deal there, 2/3 of the businesses there have failed and they just keep raising rents while half or more of the storefronts are empty. Also, parking at the Town Square isn't ideal and made even less ideal when they started charging for it. When it was free my family used to go there at least twice a week, now, maybe once a month, if that, usually to go to the library, otherwise it's only in the summer when something's going on for the kids.

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