Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's alive. Again. APFS proposal to return for "possible" vote in Rockville

Rockville residents who just beat back yet another attempt to weaken the city's Adequate Public Facilities Standards may be experiencing a sense of deja vu. The proposal to align the APFS school overcrowding provisions with Montgomery County's weaker standards is back, and could face a vote on May 18 or June 1. City Manager Barbara Matthews told the Mayor and Council last night that the final date would depend on which meeting had space to add the APFS to the agenda.

The discussion and "possible vote" on the APFS changes was allowed onto a future agenda last night, under the rule that 3 Council members can request an agenda item be added for a specific meeting date. Councilmember Virginia Onley brought up the topic for the second week in a row, saying again that she felt it was critical to have a "discussion" on the APFS.

Councilmember Tom Moore, who has led the effort to change the APFS standards, said that due to the large turnout of residents at two public hearings on the topic, the proposal should be put to a vote, as well. Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton noted that there would have been a vote February 9, but that Moore withdrew his motion that evening, when he realized it would fail. 

Councilmember Julie Palakovich-Carr also favored a discussion and possible vote. Onley said she was more concerned about having a discussion than a vote. Councilmember Beryl Feinberg said she preferred to focus on the more-urgent budget and compensation issues before the council at the moment. Newton said it was clear the proposed changes were opposed by a majority of residents who testified at the public hearings.

The request by Moore, Palakovich-Carr and Onley means there could potentially be a vote on the highly-controversial issue within the next 40 days.


  1. This must be a nightmare....this can't really be happening....AGAIN!!!!!

  2. Moore has sold his soul to the developers!

  3. Why is Virginia Onley drinking Moore's Kool-Aid? I thought she was supposed to be an "independent" councilmember, not under Moore's influence.

  4. The Sentinel said it best:


  5. Late night pondering.... Six more days of torture from Team Rockville...June 1, the night of the "possible vote" to eviscerate Rockville's APFS. What is Virginia Onley doing with that bunch? She claimed not to be willing to "carry a developer's water." And what on earth could she be thinking is left to say that hasn't already been said on the subject?? How many bites at the apple do Tom Moore and his developer friends get?